Why Does my Baby Cry at Bathtime?

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Lots of new parents face the same dilemma sooner or later, and this is certainly a question we get asked a lot over on social too! Why does my baby cry at bathtime? Now, obviously we're not medical doctors, nor are we health visitors- so if you think that your baby may be ill, please always seek medical advice in the first instance. But, if you suspect there is something that you could be doing to make your baby more comfortable at bathtime, read on to find out why they might be crying.

Why babies cry

Babies communicate mainly by crying- its their way of letting you know that something is wrong pr that they need something. Be it a nappy change, a feed or just a cuddle- when they cry, they're talking to you. That said, its not always easy to decipher exactly why your baby is crying, so its always a good idea to run through a little check each time. Are they tired? Are they clean? Are they full of wind? Read more about why babies cry and how to comfort them here.

There may be certain times of the day where your baby cries more than others too and for various reasons, this can be at bathtime...

Why babies cry at bathtime

So, why do babies cry at bathtime? Like we said, there could be a number of reasons- and its your job to eliminate them one by one. Up for the challenge? Here goes:

  • They're afraid of the bath. Newborns might feel very insure in such a huge (to them) tub of water, they might not like the change in temperature or the sensation of floating. It's all new!
  • They're cold. Very tiny babies aren't able to regulate their body temperature in the same way that we can, so are likely to get cold very quickly at bathtime.
  • They're hungry. Baby bathtime always works better at least 30 minutes after a feed, so that baby is relaxed and calm to start with.
  • They're tired. I mean, would you like to take a bath when all you really want to do is sleep?

How can I stop my baby crying at bathtime?

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If baby is scared: you can reassure tiny babies at bathtime by remaining calm yourself. Use a baby bath so that your baby feels more secure while they're in the water, maintain eye contact and talk to them the whole time. Keeping bathtime short and sweet is a good idea too. 

If baby is cold: the trick here is to make sure that you keep them as comfortable as you can throughout the whole bathtime. Make sure the room temperature is warm, make sure the water is warm, and make sure you get them wrapped up as quickly as possible afterwards too. This is where your Cuddledry handsfree towel is invaluable!

Wear it like an apron (so you stay dry too!) and allow the towel to trap your own body heat while you bath your baby. The apron style means that you have two hands free to safely hold baby in the water, helping them to feel safe and secure, plus you're able to lift them out safely too. When you're ready, bring baby into your arms and wrap them quickly and calmly in the handsfree towel. Make sure you place the warm hood over their head, as babies tend to lose body heat very quickly- and especially when you've just taken them out of a warm bath! 

The handsfree towel means that you don't need to struggle with a towel under your chin, and you don't need to spread one out on the cold bathroom floor either. Having it close to you means that it's extra warm, and you're ready to wrap them up before they start crying.