Tips for the Perfect Bathtime Routine

Tips for the Perfect Bathtime

It has to be said that we LOVE bath time here at Cuddledry HQ, and we like to think we know a thing or two about it too. So what does your bath time routine look like? Whether it’s splashy chaos or bubbly serenity, a good bath time routine is essential if you want little ones to enjoy being in the tub. So we asked a few mums and dads what they thought made the perfect bath time routine, and we’ve added a few of our own too. Let us know what you think!

Be consistent

Human beings are creatures of comfort, and we all respond well when we know what to expect. So consistency is key if you have a little one who needs convincing that bath time is a good idea. Stick to the same routine in the same order every time so that your child knows what to expect and when.

Stay calm

Bath time can be exciting! But consider this: if both you and your child are full of beans and splashing water everywhere, how are you going to restore calm when its needed? Most families tend to do bath time just before bedtime, so the last thing you want is a child bouncing from the ceiling when you need them to relax! Likewise, if your child isn’t a huge fan of bath time, staying calm is imperative if you’re going to hep them relax.

Tips for the Perfect Bathtime

Avoid meltdowns when it’s time to get out

Lucy at Hello Beautiful Bear tells us that she regularly gives her children updates when it’s almost time to get out of the bath, to avoid upset when the time comes. Her little ones love bath time so much that a ten minute and five minute warning helps to eliminate melt downs and makes the whole process a lot easier. If your little one loves bath time this much, we can also recommend our toddler towels to make getting out of the tub just as much fun as being in there!

Be prepared

A number one tip from Caroline aka Mrs Magovern, and one that we swear by here at Cuddledry. Caroline says, “Get everythingTips for The Perfect Bath Time Routine_ ready for during and after bath time before getting your little ones in the bath. Lay out towels, pyjamas, nappies etc so you can give baby your full attention and feel relaxed.” and we couldn’t agree more.

Invest in some good quality bath toys

Tips for the Perfect Bathtime

Bath time means fun time, and because little ones learn best when they play it makes sense to extend the learning whenever you can. Good quality bath toys can make all the difference, especially for children who become bored very easily. Parents love our Cuddleduck because it’s made from 100% natural rubber and is safe for babies to chew, plus there’s no hole so no mould either.  You can also bring things like jugs, sieves and colanders into the bath too- all are great for pouring and sprinkling, which toddlers seem to love!

Mix up the timings a little

Bath time doesn’t have to be at the end of the day! Petra, who writes at A Mum Reviews, tells us her top tip for bath time is to “keep it short and sweet and to do it in the day not at night. Everyone is happier and less tired and stressed in the day and it’s so much more enjoyable then!” It makes sense too. Sometimes babies and toddlers benefit from a cooler bath on hot days, and sometimes a relaxing bath is a great way to diffuse irritable tempers too.

Tips for the Perfect Bathtime

Team work works!

The lovely Emily, who writes at Emily and Indiana tells us that in her house dad “usually does the ‘fun’ and washing, and then I’ll get them out and dry them. Makes it a lot easier when you’re doing more than one at a time!”

Get in and share the tub

One of the best ways to bond with your child is by enjoying lots of skin to skin time when you can. Al at The Dad Network tells us he bathes with his little one almost every day and wouldn’t change it for the world.