Simple ways to be Planet-Saving Parent in 2022

Simple ways to be a plant saving parent in 2022_Cuddledry.comHabits can be changed quickly, so let’s form some new ones this new year, saving you time and money, and helping to save the future for our children. Win win! Here are some very simple ways that you can be a planet saving parent in 2022 - do let us know in the comments what you've already changed in the new year!

From cots and clothing to prams and toys – buy as much second hand as you can. You’ll save a FORTUNE and save precious resources.   

Fly less often. Video apps like zoom have saved so many air miles, especially when it comes to work.  But we all want and need a holiday sometimes – so if you have to fly there, off-set that carbon. There are some great ways to offset your carbon in this article

Reuse everything you can think of, and think of everything! From tin foil to plastic packaging – it’s all resusable at least one more time. Bread bags are SO useful, never buy small plastic bags again (but if you do – choose compostable ones), along with the countless plastic tubs our food comes in - for storing your own leftovers... no need to buy plastic tubs ever! 

Ditch the cling film – reuse plastic bags, or reusable covers, or simply pop a plate on your bowl of leftovers.   

Don’t chuck stuff out – it’s often really easy and quick to mend things.  For example, so many electrical appliances are ditched, when all they need is a new fuse in the plug!   

Save money, and hassle by keeping a needle and some black and white cotton thread in the kitchen – it takes 2 or 3 minutes to stitch a hole up in an item of school uniform (or any clothing!) – do it while you wait for your tea to brew.

Simple ways to be a planet saving parent in

Make your own cleaning products – There are five brilliantly simple recipes here that you can try. Then just bottle them up and save a load of money!  To get you started, here's a list of ingredients to buy –  and make sure you reuse your old plastic spray bottles and jars.

  • Bicarbonate of soda (buy a large container from the chemist, rather than small pots from supermarkets. Also available in bulk online)
  • White vinegar (available to buy in bulk from supermarkets)
  • Lemon juice
  • Essential oils (especially tea tree oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil and lemongrass oil)
  • Castile soap - vegetable oil-based soap (try Dr Bronner's Naissance  or The Soapery )
  • Soapnuts (available in high street stores  and online )
  • Soda crystals (washing soda). Find in the laundry section of large supermarkets

Set your washing machine and dishwasher to wash on cold – not hot – and use powder in a box, not liquid in a plastic container.  

Solid shampoo is brilliant – lasts longer and no nasties go down the drain.  Also SO much lighter to carry when on your travels, and no risk of spills in your luggage. 

Ask (tell!) your hairdresser to use products that don’t harm the environment.  Consumer demand is a powerful thing!

Use washable cloths like our super soft bamboo washcloths instead of disposable cotton pads or cosmetic sponges.

Switch off electrical items at the plug (not your fridge freezer though!)

Eat less meat.  That go-to spag bol can be made using more lentils than meat and no one will notice – including the meat lovers in the family.  Along with onions, tomatoes and whatever other bits you put in your own secret recipe – you can reduce the meat content to around 20%! Same for that chilli con carne, cottage pie, or anything you make with mince.   

Dispose of dead batteries during your supermarket shop (keep a tub for old batteries by your shopping list and grab them at the same time).  Most supermarkets have a tub by the door to take them away.

Palm oil is in almost everything so to prevent the planet losing it’s rain forests and it’s wildlife, make sure your products use SUSTAINABLE palm oil.  it only takes one second to check the back of the pack.

Switch to 100% renewable energy, use a company like Octopus Energy and they'll do it for you – it takes 2 mins online. 

Saving money for the future? No point if you save with a bank that is actively destroying that future. If you have savings, don’t let your money support things like deforestation, mass farming methods, and fossil fuel consumption. Move your savings to bank that has strong ethical policies instead.

We are all on a journey to be better custodians of this planet and save the life it sustains – because there isn’t another one if we trash it….. We hope you can action some, or eventually all, of the above and give yourself a mighty big pat on the back as you become a planet saving parent. Believe us, your children will thank you!  Hope these ideas are helpful - do send us yours too we are always keen to learn.