How to Use Your Cuddledry Handsfree Towel

How to use your Cuddledry Handsfree

The Cuddledry handsfree towel was created after Helen and Polly happened to witness their partners struggling at bath time with their tiny, slippery babies. Holding a towel under the chin was awkward, and placing baby on a cold bathroom floor was a disaster! And so, the handsfree towel was born- and bathtime was revolutionised the world over. Fast forward almost 11 years and the innovative apron towel has accumulated over 65 awards and been voted Mumsnet Best for nine years in a row. We're fiercely proud of our unique design and confident that we can continue to help more and more parents enjoy a stress-free bathtime night after night for many more years to come. Not sure how it all works? Read on to find out how to use your Cuddledry handsfree towel.

Before you start

Make sure you have everything that you need. The Cuddledry handsfree towel is designed so that you don't ever need to take your eyes off your baby during bath time, so the last thing you want is to be scrabbling around in the bathroom to find all the things you need. Have it all ready by your side and you're good to go.

Wearing your towel

How to use your Cuddledry Handsfree

The handsfree towel fastens around the neck like an apron and is secured with two poppers. Make sure that the hood is on the bottom left corner as you look down, facing out and not against your body. Once on, the towel is going to keep you nice and dry during bath time- an added bonus, especially when your baby is older and discovers how much fun it is to splash!

Bathing your baby

Once your towel is on, you're ready to bathe your baby. You've got two hands to do this- hooray! Read this post for a more

detailed post on how to bathe a newborn baby, and this post for details on how to bathe more than one baby at a time. It's a good idea to keep bathtime short and sweet at first, to allow your baby to get used to the sensation of being in the water. And don't forget that babies are unable to control their own body temperature, so can become cold very quickly. Keep an eye on your baby and don't be afraid to cut things short when they've had enough.

Getting baby out of the bath

How to use your Cuddledry Handsfree

When you're ready to get baby out of the bath, use both hands to lift them safely from the water. Bring baby to your chest so that you're holding them against the towel that you're wearing. Then, holding baby with one hand, use your other hand to reach down to the bottom of the towel and bring the bottom left corner up so that the hood hooks over baby's head.

Gather up the rest of the towel so that you can wrap it around your baby. Then, simply cuddle your baby dry.

Benefits of the handsfree towel

We could talk all day about the benefits of the handsfree towel! First and foremost, it makes bath time safer and less stressful for parents. Because you have two hands free at all times, you can safely lift your baby from the water and bring them straight into your arms for a warm and loving embrace. Here are a few other benefits:

  • With two hands free, you will be more relaxed, which in turn will ensure that your baby is calm and thefore more able to enjoy bath time. If bath time is part of your bedtime routine, this helps to ensure a smoother transition to sleep.
  • Using the handsfree towel enables parents to form a strong bond with their baby at bath time, which is especially important for dads who may not have as many opportunities for bonding as mum. Studies have shown that dads interact with their children in different ways, and that these interactions are vital for child development. Starting as early as possible, with bath time, is an excellent way to ensure strong and healthy relationships.
  • When you bring your baby out of the water and up to your chest, your baby benefits in many ways. Firstly, the handsfree towel has been holding your body heat (thanks to the double layer system) and this is a huge comfort to your baby. Aditionally, being close to you in this way helps to regulate your baby's heartrate and reduces stress levels too. Plus, what baby doesn't enjoy a loving cuddle?
  • Our signature bamboo and cotton mix helps to keep delicate skin dry and means that the towel is super snuggly and soft. The double layer system also locks moisture away from baby's skin to avoid irritation.
  • The bamboo that we use is a highly sustainable material and we support fair farming standards- making the handsfree towel the perfect choice for eco-friendly parents.

After bath time

How to use your Cuddledry Handsfree

When you're ready to dress your baby, simply undo the neck piece using the one handed popper release. Then lie your baby

down on a safe surface and you're good to go. Notice here that your baby has never been unwrapped from the towel at any point since you brought them into your arms- eliminating the risk of your baby catching cold outside of the warm bath water. The end result of this is a happier and calmer baby- and a happier parent too!

Washing your towel

Your handsfree towel will dry super quickly thanks to the bamboo fibres, and you don't need to wash it every day either. It's naturally antibacterial so will protect your baby's skin night after night. When you are ready to wash, you can add your towel to your normal light wash, on a 30-40 degree cycle. You can tumble dry, but you might prefer to allow it to dry overnight on an airer. Another benefit of the bamboo and cotton mix is that your towel will remain silky soft no matter how many times you wash it, and the generous size means that your baby is not likely to outgrow it any time soon either. 

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