Guest post: Tips for Recovering After a C-section


Team Cuddle are thrilled to welcome a guest poster to the blog this week! Karianne Levett is a registered KGHypnobirthing teacher, mum and founder of Cognisant Birth which offers "the ultimate couples Hypnobirthing course for whatever path your labour takes."

She offers "modern and relatable hypnobirthing antenatal courses and events, supporting busy, professional, pregnant couples who feel scared about giving birth, to feel prepared, empowered and positive.”

Read on to find out more about Karianne's top tips for recovering after a c-section.

Tips for Recovering from a

“Birth is birth, however it happens”

👉🏼Don’t underestimate how long your body needs to heal.

Even though you may feel like doing everything as you normally, be careful as you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll become exhausted. Do as little as possible for as long as possible, make your sole purpose to take care of your baby and accept the help of those around you. Remember, the more you do, the longer the recovery time.

👉🏼Get lots of rest...

although a VERY SHORT walk each day does help both physically and mentally

👉🏼You can drive as soon as you feel physically ready

but be wary about asking your GP as they will advise you otherwise (and your insurance will go on the advice of your GP). Worth checking with your insurance anyway. I’ve known mums to drive as little as 3 weeks after their C-section (albeit an automatic and only short distance and when absolutely necessary). Whether you are the driver, or the passenger be conscious of how long you are seated in the car, long distances can be uncomfortable.

👉🏼Make sure you buy comfy granny pants!

The ones that go high over your scar so that they don’t cut into your scar are best. its also a good idea to make sure you have some comfy loose-fitting tracksuit bottoms, pyjamas, trousers, etc. that go above your scar.

👉🏼Arnica tablets

Start taking Arnica tablets a few days before your c-section and a few weeks after for bruising

👉🏼Sit upright

Make sure you have a sturdy chair for feeding, the couch can make you slouch and be uncomfortable and painful.

👉🏼Don't be afraid to move around

A C-section is not always as invasive and scary as made out to be. In hospital get up as soon as you can to wee so they can remove the catheter (a great feeling in itself!). Don’t be scared to ask for help, that’s what the midwives are there for.

👉🏼Slowly does it

It is easy as you start feeling better to forget that you had a c-section and get out of bed or out of your chair quickly when baby cries or you need to go to the bathroom, etc. so just try to be conscious of this to avoid pulling...

👉🏼Baby bathtimes

Take care when bathing your baby to kneel on the floor rather than leaning over the bath, although if you are leaning on the bath side put a towel between your stomach and the bath to decrease the pressure. When lifting baby out of the bath remember to breathe out and gently activate your pelvic floor muscle (gently squeeze/pull up your front and back passage, as if you are trying not to break wind!)

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